• Connecting, Supporting and Inspiring

    Women in Security across Australia and Abroad

  • Our Aims

    Whether you are a security professional with years of experience or a student interested in pursuing a career in security, there is something for you in this group.

    Connecting women in security across Australia & abroad.

    Supporting women already within the security industry to stay and grow.

    Inspiring the next generation and those interested, to pursue a career in security

  • What We Do

    We are an open network of people of different backgrounds, experience, qualifications, age and gender. Our common interest is security.


    Meet locally, nationally or abroad

    Meet and connect with your local security community.

    Increase your connections both nationally and abroad. AWSN is part of WISECRA an international alliance of other women in security groups across 22 other countries

    We encourage students/graduates and those just entering the industry to join us and find out more about careers in security.


    Mentoring and Grad support

    Mentoring - Find a mentor or be mentored to help with your career or personal development.

    Grad Support - We help support our female grads to continue in security


    Providing Role Models

    Everyone needs someone to look up to. We aim to inspire this generation and the next to pursue and stay in a career in security.

    We do this through talks at high schools and universities, publishing articles/books and our https://www.securityjobprofileproject.com

    If you are a school or an organisation looking for speakers, or you want to be a speaker then please contact us.


    - Go Girl for IT - getting high school girls interested in pursuing a job in Security.


    - Contributing to articles and Books - Collaborating with other women both nationally and around the world to make others aware of careers in security.

    • Women in the Security Profession, A practical guide for career development. Elsevier, 2017
  • AWSN Cadets

    Empowering, Exploring, Connecting


    AWSN cadets aims to improve gender diversity within the Australian cybersecurity industry


    We do so by Empowering women from all walks of life, to Explore different careers in cybersecurity and to Connect with a variety of professional development opportunities

    What we do

    We provide

    Inspiration, Instruction and Internship


    Inspiration - We inspire members to be bold and embrace a career in cybersecurity, by facilitating workshops run by industry mentors on different cyber security topics/careers


    Instruction - We connect members to resources and education providers, so they may grow their cyber security knowledge


    Internship - We connect members to employment opportunities within our network via our platform, so that they may continue to grow their confidence and skills as cyber security professionals

    How to get involved

    Currently only available in Melbourne

    To find out more on the AWSN cadets and how you can get involved, please contact awsncadets@gmail.com


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  • Our Blog

    Thoughts and projects


    Please visit our official blog:


  • What's next?

    Join us, its free!


    We have members in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, and connections with women in Darwin and Adelaide.

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